Do I Need a Lawyer?

Oftentimes I hear from people who have tried to work directly with an insurance company after being injured in an accident.  If they learn that they were "wronged" by the process, they become very frustrated.   Having an effective attorney involved from the early stages of your case will assure your rights are protected and your claim properly presented.

It is human nature to attempt working directly with an insurance company.   The down side to this approach is that while you are being helpful, it is the insurance company that will benefit.  The information you provide "...can and will be used against you!"

Sometimes insurance companies secretly tape record conversations.   Contrary to popular belief, it is not against Arizona law for an insurance company to tape record your conversation whether in person or on the telephone, even without your knowledge.

Before you talk to anyone, particularly an insurance representative, call me for free advice at (480) 838-7000 or complete the fax under "Free Consultation" category. 

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